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Welcome to the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA).  We invite like-minded people and organizations to join with us in the fight against drug abuse and drug legalization.  The key to winning the war on drugs is decreasing drug demand through drug education and drug demand reduction. 
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Announcement of New DPNA President Alejandro Vassilaqui


Policy Paper: A New Approach to Reduce Drug Demand - Rooted in hope growing with success

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Launching of RIPRED Argentina

Forging Leadership Ecuador

International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy Statement on So-called "Harm Reduction" Policies  

The Fifth International Drug Prevention Conference, Italy

US Congressional Hearings on Drug Harm Reduction
ONDCP Director Discusses FY 2006 Federal Drug Budget with US Congress
Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky wins Rio de Janeiro Partners in Action Award
United Nations Awards a Prize to DPNA CEDRO for its Drug Prevention Work

Drug news and features - Gleaned from sources across the world - Join the fight against drug legalization - Help prevent the horrors of widespread drug addiction

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Daily International Drug Related News from ONDCP
Cocaine (Energy Drink) to change its name
Cannabis use may prompt transition to psychosis
Largest U.S. Newspaper Endorses Random Student Drug Testing
Cannabis cash 'funds Islamist terrorism'
Harnessing Technology For Communities Battling Methamphetamine
UK: One-third of pupils have tried cannabis by the age of 15
Teen dope users 'life's future losers'
Costs of addiction: Why does addiction occur in the young and beyond?
Adolescent Brains Not Ready to Avoid Risks, Study Says
Canadian lawmakers smoking crack?
Invitation to Attend 22nd IFNGO World Conference, Macau 14-18 May, 2007
New Zeland Study: Cannabis linked to lung cancer risk
Letter to the Editor U.S. News and World Report Regarding Dutch Drug Legalization
Police Chief Calls for "Sea Change" in Attitude Towards Cannabis
News Release:  Drug Free America Foundation Applauds New Mexico for Keeping Kids Safe
NIDA Study Seeks Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction
Study Says Impulsive Rats More Vulnerable to Addiction
Massive Mexican cartel busted up: Sting results in numerous arrests
Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2006
Abuse of prescribed medicines about to eclipse that of illicit drugs
U.S. faults friends, foes in drug war
Percentage of Americans who think marijuana should be made legal by year
The DEA Position On Marijuana (2006)
Stronger form of marijuana can be trigger for mental illness
Cannabis - the gateway to heroin abuse
Marijuana Use Affects Blood Flow In Brain Even After Abstinence
Video Games: Massively Addictive
Methamphetamine Use May Be Related to Heart Disease
Vancouver mayor’s drug plan provides the wrong fix
Margaret Trudeau: Quitting pot eased mental illness
Deadly abuse of methadone tops other prescription drugs


New Additions to the Drug Library
Why We Must Not End The War On Drugs
The Kingpins of Drug Legalization: Investigating their role in the culture war
Evidence-based answers to cannabis questions: a review of the literature
Is cannabis a medicine
The Kingpins of Drug Legalization:  Investigating Their Role in the Culture War
Myth: Marijuana Is Harmless
Riskly behavior: Many teens in search of quick thrills never realize the consequences
Legalising drugs would be a mistake
Make sure children have home that's poison-proof

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