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Europe and the Americas Unite Against Illicit Drugs, Harm Reduction, Drug Legalization

usnewswire.com  Fri Feb 25, 7:32 AM ET

Contact: Lana Beck of the Drug Free America Foundation, 011-354-38-900-2628 (from U.S.) or 00-354-38-900-2628 (outside U.S.)

News Advisory:

WHAT: Europe and the Americas Unite Against Illicit Drugs, Harm Reduction and Drug Legalization

WHEN & WHERE: March 1 at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, in the "Salle de Presse" PHS 0A50, at 1:15 p.m.

WHY: To discuss the conference in progress at the EU Parliament which focuses on effective drug policies and exposes the harm caused by so-called harm reduction policies -- needle exchange programs, "safe" injection sites and heroin maintenance.

WHO: Experts who will be participating in the press conference include:

-- Charlotte Cederschiold, Host and Member of the European Parliament

-- David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary for United Kingdom

-- Herbert Schaepe, Former Secretary of the International Narcotics Control Board

-- Tomas Hallberg, director, European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD)

-- Eric Voth, M.D., chair, Institute on Global Drug Policy

European Parliament host, Charlotte Cederschiold, observes, "We all are affected by the attack that drugs have on a normal society. The best way to protect society against the dangers of drug use is to unite and examine the most effective drug policies in order to prevent addiction and help addicts instead of prolonging their addiction."


International Dimensions for European Drug Policy Conference at the European Parliament on March 1 and 2 will include a broad representation of international drug policy experts and leaders in government, academia, medicine and prevention organizations. Some of the speakers include John Walters (Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy-ONDCP) United States, Herbert Schaepe (Former Secretary of the International Narcotics Control Board) United Nations (news - web sites); David Davis (Shadow Home Secretary) United Kingdom and Morgan Johansson (Minister of Public Health and Social Services) Sweden.

Representatives of the organizations sponsoring and supporting the conference will also be available for comment. These organizations include: European Cities Against Drugs, Institute on Global Drug Policy, Drug Free America Foundation, Inc., Drug Prevention Network of the Americas and the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse.


Participants in the International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy Conference


Sonita Abrahams –  JAMAICA Dr. Hans Koeppel – SWITZERLAND
Dr. Ernst Aeschbach – SWITZERLAND MaLou Lindholm – SWEDEN
Franklin Alcaraz – BOLIVIA Christy McCampbell – USA
Omar Aleman – CUBA Paquita Moncayo – ECUADOR
Al Arsenault – CANADA Dr. Ian Oliver – SCOTLAND
Laura Baldivieso – BOLIVIA Dr. Bruce Payette – USA
Dan Bent – USA Robert Peterson – USA
Salomao Bernstein – BRAZIL Harold Rahm – BRAZIL
Florencia Di Masi Alconada – ARGENTINA David Raynes -- ENGLAND
Don Feder – USA Dr. Eliseo Regadas Gonzalez – URUGUAY
Dr. Guillermo Fernandez – ARGENTINA Jose Luis Rojas – CHILE
Jack Gilligan – USA Kevin Sabet – USA
Stella Santana – BRAZIL Ricardo Sanchez Huesca – MEXICO
Dr. Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky – BRAZIL Betty Sembler – USA
Calvina Fay – USA Ann Stoker – ENGLAND
Maria Margarita Sanchez – COLOMBIA Peter Stoker – ENGLAND
Dr. David Gross – USA Dr. Ivan Van Damme – BELGIUM
Stephanie Haynes – USA Alejandro Vassilaqui – PERU
Brian Heywood – ENGLAND Dr. Eric Voth – USA
Dr. Ed Jacobs – USA Dr. Juan Yaria – ARGENTINA
Ben Jenkins – CANADA  

 Contact: Calvina Fay – (1)(727) 828-0211 – cfay@dfaf.org