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Violent Games Lead to Drug Addiction?

Study makes controversial claim.

Gamespy.com, By Li C. Kuo | April 10, 2006

Here's something that's sure to bolster support for people like Jack Thompson and Dave Grossman. Dr. Sonya Brady from the University of California, San Francisco and Professor Karen Matthews from the University of Pittsburgh have just released a study which claims that gaming can lead to illegal drug use.

100 Males aged 18 to 21 were asked to play one of two games, The Simpsons: Hit and Run or Grand Theft Auto III. The study says that the men who chose to play the more violent videogame were more likely to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. They also experienced a rise in blood pressure and were less cooperative and more competitive. Finally, those who chose to play the more violent game tended to perceive a hostile attitude from the people around them.

Dr. Sonya Brady issued this comment to Reuters Health: "Parents have been told the message that violent video games and violent media in general can influence the likelihood that their kids will be aggressive. What this study suggests is that they might increase any type of risk-taking behavior."