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About Drug Prevention Network of the Americas

DPNA is a nonprofit corporation committed to the education and prevention of drug abuse in the western hemisphere.  DPNA is a coalition of Non-government Organizations (NGOs) from North and South America, dedicated to the promotion of effective demand reduction programs and policies in the Americas through the exchange of information and the development of alliances among NGOs working to reduce the demand for drugs DPNA Brochure (pdf)

DPNA's Purpose

1. To promote a healthy lifestyle-free of drugs. 

2. To advocate no use of illegal drugs and no abuse of legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and solvents. 

3. To oppose legalization of drugs. 

4. To support the United Nations Conventions and Treaties concerning drugs and psychotropic substances


DPNA Harm Reduction Statement

For more Information Contact :
Dr. Grant Suhm  suhm(at)tca.net


Recent Forging Leadership Conferences
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The Fifth International Drug Prevention Conference, Italy

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Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky wins Rio de Janeiro Partners in Action Award
United Nations Awards a Prize to DPNA CEDRO for its Drug Prevention Work  
DECLARCIóN SOBRE LAS POLÍTICAS DE LA LLAMADA “REDUCCIóN DE DAÑOS” Comité Especial Internacional sobre Políticas Estratégicas contra las Drogas
International Task Force on Strategic
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