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Ms. Sonita Abrahams
Ms. Abrahams is executive director of Addiction Alert Organization located in Kingston, Jamaica. Ms. Abrahams was a member of the planning conference for the UN World NGO Meeting in Bangkok, 1994. Ms. Abrahams was a Humphrey Fellow at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. She has an international reputation working with addicted youth. She is in demand as a consultant and speaker on drug prevention issues across the Caribbean. Ms. Abrahams is also a founding member of DPNA. 

Dr. Laura Baldivieso. Dr. Baldivieso is the Executive Director of CESE, a Bolivian NGO that is a lead agency for drug prevention materials in schools and training of teachers. CESE also conducts seminars for families and is internationally know for their research expertise. Dr. Baldivieso is a mathematician and psychologist by training and the immediate past president of DPNA for Latin America. 

Dr. Jack Gilligan Dr. Gilligan is President of Fayette Companies, Peoria, Illinois, an international consulting firm with offices worldwide. Dr. Gilligan has written extensively on drug demand reduction issues and traveled extensively through out Latin America. Dr. Gilligan was a founding member of DPNA and a member of the board. 

Dr. Eliseo Gonzales Regadas  Dr. Gonzales  is a psychologist and heads a coalition of NGO's in Uruguay that is concerned with youth drug issues and related mental health concerns. Dr. Gonzales is a founding member of DPNA and presently serves as co-chair of the DPNA Education Committee. 

Mrs. Stephanie Haynes is Immediate Past President of the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas . She is Special Advisor to the Drug Free America Foundation and a member of the Executive Committee member of SOS - Save Our Society from Drugs. She is a former Commissioner with The Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse; past Chairman of the Board of Texans War on Drugs and past President of Drug Watch International.

Mr. Ben Jenkins
. Mr. Jenkins is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer. During his lengthy career he was responsible for undercover narcotics operations in Toronto. Mr. Jenkins is recognized as an international authority on drugs in the work place. Mr. Jenkins is a founding member of the board of DPNA. He is also a board member of Drug Watch Canada and is President of Jenkins-Renwick an international security corporation. 

Dr. Bruce Payette Dr. Payette is a faculty member at the University of New Mexico. He has served as the project director on research grants from CSAP, Community Partnership and High Risk Youth Programs. Further he has directed projects for Department of Education, Housing and Urban Affairs and Safe and Drug Free Schools. Dr. Payette is a founding member of DPNA and serves on the Board. He is known for his expertise in program evaluation and project design. Dr. Payette has in excess of thirty years experience in the drug demand reduction field and has extensive international travel as a prevention consultant. He currently serves as co-chair of the DPNA education committee. 

Dr. Haroldo Rahm.
Dr. Haroldo Rahm is a Jesuit priest who has served in Brazil for over thirty years. During this time he has received recognition worldwide as an expert on street children. He has developed a series of halfway houses and treatment ranches for boys and girls from the streets of Rio and Sao Paulo. His organization APOT spans all of Brazil and has thousands of members. Dr. Rahm became a board member of DPNA in 1998. 

Mr. Alejandro Vassilaqui Mr. Vassilaqui is the executive director of CEDRO the major research and prevention drug NGO of Peru and current DPNA/RIRPED president. He hosted the First Global Conference on Drug Prevention, co sponsored by DPNA and the government of Japan. Mr. Vassilaqui is known through out Latin America as an exceptional organizer and coalition builder. Mr. Vassilaqui became a member of the DPNA board in 1998.