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DPNA Statement of Purpose

The Drug Prevention Network of the Americas/Red Interamericana para la Prevencion de las Drogas (DPNA/RIPRED) was created to fulfill the recommendation for regional cooperation among NGOs at the World Forum on Drug Demand Reduction sponsored by the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand, December 1994. 

DPNA is a network of concerned citizens, organizations and professionals engaged in prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. Our statement of purpose is: 

    - As concerned professionals, we have joined together to promote drug prevention activities that are directed at the use and abuse of all psychoactive substances. We recognize the essential cultural differences among our constituent nations, but affirm our basic and unchanging devotion to the health and well being of all peoples of the Americas. 

    - We work to facilitate information sharing and professional exchange, to participate in joint projects and to engage all professionals in the Americas who are doing this vital work. 

DPNA/RIPRED is a coalition of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) with expertise in drug demand reduction who have joined together to support demand reduction principles and to foster communication and cooperation among NGOs who are working to stem illicit drug use in the Americas and around the world. 

DPNA/RIPRED advocates drug demand reduction as the best, most direct and most cost effective approach to solving the drug problem. The network promotes the exchange of current scientific information about drugs among people of diverse backgrounds, languages and cultures. It furthers national and international anti-drug policy goals, spreads good will among the nations in our hemisphere, and fosters citizen involvement and community cooperation to address the drug problem at the local level. 

DPNA/RIPRED is a catalyst and sponsor for conferences and initiatives focusing on drug prevention education, the establishment of drug prevention networks and community anti-drug coalitions, and the promotion of positive, healthy, drug-free norms and attitudes in society. 

DPNA/RIPRED serves as standard-bearer against drug legalization and believes that, along with anti-drug laws, policies, and media messages, that national and international drug prevention networks and strong community drug prevention coalitions are the answer to changing public attitudes and thwarting efforts to make harmful, illicit drugs legal and available. 

DPNA/RIPRED provides a "support system" of hope and encouragement for those involved in this challenging work. It underscores the reality that the drug problem is a universal one which threatens all our communities and puts all our children at risk and which requires shared responsibility and cooperation to successfully reduce the demand for drugs in our communities and around the world. 


    - To promote a healthy lifestyle-free of drugs. 

    - To advocate no use of illegal drugs and no abuse of legal drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, and solvents. 

    - To oppose legalization of drugs. 

    - To support the United Nations Conventions and Treaties concerning drugs and psycho tropic substances. 

Therefore, in order to enhance cooperation and exchange of information and expertise in this area and to facilitate and formulate cost effective programs we have resolved to adopt this constitution of our network.