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News Release: 
Drug Free America Foundation Applauds New Mexico for Keeping Kids Safe

Calls So-called Medical Marijuana a Trojan Horse

Immediate Release 

St. Petersburg, FL (03/8/07) – New Mexico House Bill 238 was defeated yesterday by a 36 to 33 vote count.  New Mexico legislators rightfully opposed this bill, recognizing that marijuana is not a medicine, and that had this legislation passed, its citizens would be facing the same issues as other states which have been deceived into approving marijuana as a so-called medicine.

“The push for legalizing medical fraud marijuana is part of a strategy by groups such as Marijuana Policy Project whose goals are to legalize marijuana,” Calvina Fay, Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation commented.  “Make no mistake, the issue of medical fraud marijuana is a Trojan horse for legalizing the drug itself and for making it available without regard to medical science,” she added.

 “I would like to commend New Mexico Representatives Larry Larranaga and Jimmie Hall, as well as the local grassroots organization Hands Across Culture, for exposing the detrimental statewide impact this proposal would have had on residents, and for urging New Mexico’s legislators not to fall into the trap that the medical marijuana scam represents,” Fay concluded.

Drug Free America Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to fighting drug use, drug addiction and drug trafficking and to promoting effective sound drug policies, education and prevention.

If you would like to set up an interview regarding this issue with Calvina Fay please contact Lana Beck, Director of Communications, at (727) 828-0211 or (727) 403-7571.

For More Information Contact:

Lana Beck

727-828-0211 - office

727-403-7571 - cell