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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - April 16th, 2007
From:  AllPositiveOptions.com
Contact:  Jim Stephens - Chief Information Officer
Email:  jim-stephens@allpositiveoptions.com
Phone:  (416) 691-4737
Harnessing Technology For Communities Battling Methamphetamine
AllPositiveOptions.com, a Canadian organization involved in addiction
and recovery, will launch a new on-line resource called The
International Collaboration On Methamphetamine, on April 30th, 2007.
Company spokesperson Jim Stephens says "While this initiative is
international in scope, the primary purpose is to create a common
platform and solution exchange for stakeholders in the meth issue at the
individual community level.  That's who benefits the most,  because
that's where the destructive effects of all drugs are most keenly felt."
He adds,  "The Collaboration will enable coalitions, task forces,
treatment providers, researchers, first-responders, educators -
virtually anyone involved in meth issue, direct access to the most
current and accurate information, and the ability to share and exchange
information with each other.    In effect, we don't just see this as a
solution, we see it as a solution that empowers every other solution."
"Given today's technology, there's no reason why everyone involved in
this issue, despite their location, budget, or other constraints,
shouldn't be able to share and exchange quality information with every
other person involved, including recognized experts."
He points out that few areas have access to large amounts of funding.
"Not every community can afford to send people to conferences and
seminars in far-off destinations.   And this is going to be comparable
to having an ongoing, world-class conference and seminar at your
fingertips.  Whatever information you need, someone is going to have it
for you - whether they're two blocks from you, or half way around the
He added, "Our own web site has the most comprehensive and current
information on methamphetamine anywhere.  Yet we had to devote six full
pages just to the misinformation, distortions and misconceptions
surrounding this drug.  And once we get people communicating with each
other, the coverage of meth on our web site will look like a small
pamphlet by comparison.  No single entity out there knows everything
about meth, but collectively, we have all the answers."
For what amounts to less than one dollar per day, members of the
collaboration will have access to forum rooms, be able to communicate by
email, instant messaging, voice over internet phone, and even via video
with other members if they so choose.
"This is going to eliminate anyone having to "re-invent the
wheel,"Stephens says.  "If you're just putting together your community
response and strategy for meth, you don't have to start from scratch.
Just ask other members who have already gone through that phase what
they've done, what worked for them, what didn't and why?  No matter what
you need, you don't have to cover ground that's already been covered."
Stephens feels treatment providers, researchers, health care agencies,
and first responders will also find the new collaboration to be an
invaluable resource.  "This is really about people with a common purpose
sharing their wisdom, insight and experience with each other, and the
benefits from that process are virtually unlimited."  
For more information, you can visit the specific page for the
Collaboration on their web site at: 
Additional Background Information:
AllPositiveOptions.com offers programs, products and services for the
addiction and recovery community.  Jim Stephens, our Chief Information
Officer, is also author of "The Big Words In The Big Book," a
comprehensive dictionary and reference for the "Big Book" of Alcoholics
Anonymous that's now distributed world-wide.