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The International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy
Preamble Concerning Drug Abuse and Human Rights

Drug abuse is a fundamental humanitarian and social issue that transcends political ideas, parties, and national boundaries.  

As defined by United Nations Conventions on Illicit Drug Use, drug abuse destroys the unique dignity of individuals, their freedom to think, and ability to evaluate the difference between right and wrong.

A concerted effort to dismantle the UN Conventions is currently underway by a small but determined and growing lobby whose aim is to legalize drugs.

Under the guise of a seemingly sensible term – "harm reduction" – these groups promote drug use by advocating "controlled" drug distribution and drug education revolving around the idea of “safe” drug use.

Dismantling the UN Conventions would seriously undermine government's ability to reduce total harm, our ultimate goal, and would compromise individual rights to be free of drugs.

Promoting drug use itself is cruel and inhumane, and contradicts the spirit of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on Human Rights, and other such documents.

As such, the UN should fortify and enforce current anti-drug Conventions, and assist governments and individuals to promote healthy lifestyles and a hopeful future.

   The Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA) works in collaboration with the Drug Free America Foundation The International Task Force on Strategic Drug Policy is a network of professionals and community leaders from across the globe who support and promote drug demand reduction principles and strive to advance communication and cooperation among nongovernment organizations (NGO’s) who are working to stem illicit drug use and promote sound drug policy around the world.    More