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Weekly Drug News Digest from DPNA in
Spanish and English

Here are the drug news items that were featured on the DPNA websites this week.  Click on any title to access the complete article in English or Spanish

  1. Daily International Drug Related News from ONDCP
  2. Andean entrepreneurs are pushing coca beyond cola, in new teas, toothpaste, shampoo, liquor and more
  3. Canada Urged to Concentrate on Drug Prevention and Treatment by 23 Countries
  4. DFAF Kicks Off Natl. “True Compassion” Campaign By Releasing Three Hard Hitting Public Service Announcements
  5. The dangers of drug use are not as simple as ABC
  6. Cocaine Epidemic Feared As Cocaine Deaths Nearly Double In Florida Over Past 5 Years
  7. Medical marijuana a 'con,' U.S. deputy drug czar says
  8. Testimony Opposing Cannabis Industrial Hemp in North Dakota
  9. Cannabis: a drug more dangerous than heroin
  10. Joint US-Mexico drug probe nets 17 arrests in Mexico
  11. Cocaine alters brain cells, impairs impulse control
  12. Colombia dismantles drug smuggling group
  13. New Jersey Senate Committee Approves Measure That Would Establish Needle-Exchange Program In Six Cities


  1. Hay drogas para ricos y pobres
  2. EEUU dice estar preocupado por aumento de coca en Bolivia
  3. EEUU confirma que continuará apoyando a Colombia en materia económica, militar y antidrogas
  4. Costa Rica: Decomiso histórico de 8 tonaladas de Cocaina
  5. Congreso Universitario Internacional en Prevención y Asistencia de as Adicciones
  6. España: Soy partidario de no legalizar ninguna droga y de practicar la mano dura
  7. Comité Especial Internacional de las Políticas Estratégicas sobre las Drogas
  8. UN Nuevo Abordaje Para Reducir la Demanda de Drogas
  9. Francia: Crece el tráfico de cocaína y heroína frente al de cannabis
  10. Colombia/EU Desmantelan red de lavado de dinero
  11. ONU advierte a Bolivia dificultades para despenalizar la coca
  12. España: Asociaciones de cannabis piden clubes privados donde poder fumar

Dr. Grant Suhm