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EURAD Conference: Civil Society’s Response to the Drugs Epidemic, November 18, 2006

November 4th 2006

EURAD the European civil initiative against the spread of illicit drugs, is organizing an international conference in the Netherlands on Saturday 18th November.

“Civil Society’s Response to the Drugs Epidemic” (A Drug Free Alternative) will be held in the van der Valk Hotel Volendam (just 15k from the heart of Amsterdam )

A number of excellent international speakers from different disciplines – amongst them parents of drug users, treatment and prevention specialists – will deal with these themes.  Policy makers, among them politicians and police will attend.

Important themes this conference will deal with are:

  • How parents may teach their children to resist the temptation of drugs.
  • What is the best practice in treating drug users.
  • How can the family protect themselves from a drug using co-member.
  • How are politicians, police and justice dealing with these challenges.

According to the latest UN figures an estimated 200 million people or 5% of the global population  age 15-64 have used illicit drugs in the last 12 months.

Ireland and the UK are at the top of the list for cocaine and cannabis use.  Cocaine and heroin use is spiraling in the Netherlands .  Violent crime is on the increase. Drug gangs moving to Spain and the Netherlands to avoid imprisonment.

In response to this trend the European Commission has sought collaboration with civil society to reduce the demand for drugs and to find positive initiatives.

EURAD has responded by forming a new Drugs Policy Group chaired by Mr Anders    Ulstein from Norway who will address the conference.   We will provide tested initiatives for defending our youth from the ravages of drug addiction and best practice in treatment.

Young people are our most important asset.  Article 33 of the UN Convention on Children states that” we should protect all children from the use of and involvement with narcotic drugs” according to Grainne Kenny .

Speaking in Volendam Mrs. Kenny ( Ireland )President of EURAD “called  on the closure of coffee shops, head shops and other outlets that entice young people to buy and use  mind altering drugs. These outlets, she said are “violations of United Nations Treaties on Narcotics and the Rights of Children”.


The EURAD manual “Cannabis – a cause for concern? Will be presented to Mrs Ciska Joldersma MP from the Dutch Parliament.  It contains a summary of research into  all aspects of the harmfulness of this banned substance.  It has been  compiled by Mrs Mary Brett UK a Biologist and former Head of Health Education in a leading UK Grammar school.

If you are interested in being informed about these themes, then you should not miss this unique event.  Early booking is advisable.

The conference will be chaired by Mr Hein Schaaij a founding member and hon. President EURAD.

Grainne Kenny

International President EURAD

See www.eurad.net for conference details and programme

Also Wil Waaning: Mobile Tel: +31 6 519 88490 Email: rowigwa@kpnplanet.nl

Woman of Europe Award – Médaille de Maire de Strasbourg – Médaille de Maire de Paris – Swedish Parent Award- Dublin Lord Mayor’s Award – EURAD Award - Drug Watch International (USA) Board Member.

EURAD’s Affiliates: USA , Brazil , Africa, Middle East , New Zealand , Australia .

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