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Injection Site Results are Conjecture and Inferences that
be Supported - Report 

For immediate release                                                                 November 27, 2006

A Canadian study undertaken by Dr. Garth Davies [PhD] reveals that Supervised Injection Facilities are not justifying their claims of success. In fact  …..  “all claims remain open to question” according to Dr. Davies.

Dr. Davies’ report puts much of the issue of a Canadian injection site in context, for instance he says “ In the context of determining whether Vancouver’s site should be extended the Federal Health Minister for Canada declared that the paramount consideration ultimately would be whether safe injection sites contribute to lowering drug use and fighting addiction. Ideological distaste notwithstanding, SIF assessments will have to come to terms with these political realities sooner rather than later .”

“Dr. Davis indicates that often the small sample size of various injection site studies make the representativeness of the findings suspect.” says Randy White President of the Drug Prevention Network of Canada.

Dr. Davies states in his study and findings that “As a policy issue, the potential impacts of SIF’s are simply too important, and too divisive, to be left to conjecture and inferences that cannot be supported.”

“It is necessary for Canadians to hear both sides of this issue before politicians at all levels of government get into projects they really don’t understand.” says White, pointing to Dr. Davies’ report criticizing some of the methodology used to defend injection sites.

According to Dr. Davies’ report, “ SIF’s are but one part of a much larger systemic response to the problem of substance abuse and intravenous drug use, they are too often credited with generating positive effects that are not borne out by solid empirical evidence”

For more information Contact:

Dr Garth Davies PhD     604-291-4764

Randy White, President DPNC    250-927-1445