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Dear friends:

Judge for yourselves today's news regarding the new Drug Law, in the Brazilian daily newspaper O GLOBO.
In a country where only about 10% of all violent criminals (with multiple assassinations, kidnappings and robberies) are judged and pay with prison for their crimes, to imagine the drug related scenarios in the near future is really scary. What amazes me most is that there are not any maximum drug quantities specified for self use.
Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky

Brazil: Drug users won't be sent to jail by the police

O GLOBO, Friday August 25, 2006

The new Brazilian Anti-drug Law, valid since yesterday, determines that no drug user will be imprisoned, even if caught while using drugs. From now on, anybody discovered with the posession of drugs for his/her own use, will be presented before a judge and will have to sign a term of compromise and will be immediately liberated. In case of not being possible to have the presence of a judge, the police officer himself is allowed to sign a formal document, etc. All this without detaining the individual caught with drugs. Special Drug Courts will determine, according to each case, one of the following three measures: Alerting the drug user about the harms caused by drug use, a certain amount of hours dedicated to community service, the presence at some workshop or seminar.
The same law applies to all those who plant and harvest drugs for their own use.
The law does not establish what are the maximum amounts of drugs which can be considered for self use. These are decisions to be made ad-hoc by the judge. The Brazilian Drug Czar, General Paulo Roberto Uchoa, declared that from now on the drug users won't be persecuted anymore by society.