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UNODC Update - March 2003

UN Report
Is the international community meeting its drug control targets?


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Back to the Brothel - Drugs and Slavery in Cambodia
Bush Drug Czar John P. Walters 'Takes Five' - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Chasing the Dragon: Anti Drug Experiences in Tajikistan:  Ian Oliver

Cutting the Drug-Terror Connection by John P. Walters, Director of the White House National Drug Control Policy

Crime Violence and Drug Abuse Go Hand in Hand:  DEA

Declaration on the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction,  United Nations General Assembly

Don't Legalize "Medical Use of Smoked Marijuana:  By David Evans:Drug Free Schools Coalition

Drug Legalization: A campaign hiding behind a mask

Economic and Social Costs of Substance Abuse, United Nation ODCCP Bulletin on Narcotics

Ecstasy & Club Drugs: A Writers' Roundtable - DrugStory

Four Drug Legalization Argument Myths: Asa Hutchinson Director Drug Enforcement Administration

Former ONDCP Speechwriter Defends Federal Marijuana Policies

The Future of American Drug Policy:  A New Vision For Demand Reduction

The Good "Don'ts" During Adolescence By  Laura Balevicio, Bolivia

Harm Reduction Drug Policy Encourages Harm Production

How do you get an 11-year-old off heroin?
I Can’t Help Myself’ Is Addiction a Matter of Choice?  ABC News
Harm Reduction or Harm Promotion? Marco Susskind 

Illicit drugs: no route to prosperity and economic growth: UN Report

The Image and Role of NGO’s: The Importance to Prevention: 
Jill Kathryn Pearman

 The Image and Role of NGO’s: The Importance to Prevention
Is cannabis a medicine?

Is the international community meeting its drug control targets?
UN Report

Legalization and Decriminalization of Drugs Have Been a Dismal Failure in Other Nations: DEA

Legalization of Drugs Will Not Work: David Evans of the Drug Free Schools Coalition
The Legalization of Recreational Drugs; Should it Occur

Legalization or Zero Tolerance? The Cannabis Debate

Legalising drugs would be a mistake
Lobotomising human conscience - Mellanie Philips

Medical Cannabis:  EURAD Press Release

My Addicted Son - New York Times Magazine

 OAS Drug Abuse Control Documents

Opinion:  Problem of Meth Mouth among Non-Users
"Oranges, Macadamia Nuts and Bananas" Ian Oliver

Organization of American States: Anti-Drug Strategy in the Hemisphere

Outside view: Tough love and the drug war By Marc Levin Special to United Press International

The Paramount Importance of International Cooperation in Drug Control
Parents Who Use Illegal Drugs, Abuse Alcohol & Smoke Endanger Half The Nation's Children - CASA

Prime Minister Balkenende and Drugs: A New Dutch Government's
Drug Policy

The Courage to Resist:  Colombo Plan DAP

The Failure of Dutch Drug Policy

The History of Harm Reduction

The Legalization of "Recreational Drugs":  Should it occur?

A New Global Approach to Drugs - International Taskforce on Drug Policy  (ppt)
Reasons for Student Drug Testing - DFAF

The Science Beyond the Controversy

UK - Don't let the drugs lobby tear down our school gates

There are No Compelling Medical Reasons to Prescribe Marijuana or Heroin to Sick People: DEA

The Ultimate Drug Strategy - Increasing Public Outrage Against Drug Use

Understanding Drug Legalization Strategy

UN Drug Control Treaties  and Legal Affairs

The War on Drugs Takes a New Turn with Worldwide Collection of Signatures:  By Alberto Carosa

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do. When in Amsterdam...Well, Maybe Not.  By Hannah Tooley: Drug Watch International

Why legalizing drugs is dopey idea --  New York Daily News