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DPNA Collection of General Links
International Sites
Associação Promocional Oracao e Trabalho - APOT
Centro de Información y Educación para la Prevención del Abuso de Drogas - CEDRO
Centro de Educación para la Promoción de la Salud y Prevención sobre Drogas - CESE Bolivia
CICAD  Comisión Interamericana para el Control del Abuso de Drogas
Drug Watch International
Europe Against Drugs
European Cities Against Drugs - ECAD
AntiDrogas - Brasil
Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Prevention Global Network - Drugnet
Hassela Nordic Network
National Drug Prevention Alliance - UK
Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and other Drugs - CAN
Swiss Physicians Against Drugs
Yayasan Anak  Bangsa - Indonesia
UN Office on Drug Abuse and Drug Demand Reduction
United Nations Global Youth Network
Public National Sites
Adolescent and School Health - Centers  for Disease Control and Prevention
AfterSchool.gov - Federal resources for children and youth after school hours
Assessing Drug Abuse Within and Across Communities - NIDA
Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention - CSAP
Centers for the Application of Prevention Technologies - CAPT
Children, Youth and Families at Risk Program - CYFAR - USDA
Club Drugs - NIDA
Drug Enforcement Agency
Drug-Free Communities Support Program - ONDCP and  OJJDP
Drug-Free Workplace - ONDCP
Freevibe.com - ONDCP
For Kids Only - National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information - NCADI
Girl Power! - DHHS
Model Programs - Bringing Effective Prevention to Every Community - CSAP
National Commission Against Drunk Driving - NCADD
National Guard Counterdrug Office
National Institute on Drug Abuse - NIDA
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
National Youth Resource Center - NCADD
 NIDA Constituent Organizations, Grantees and Government Sites of Interest
NIDA Goes to School
Prevention Pathways - CSAP
Parenting is Prevention - CSAP
PREVLINE Prevention Online - NCADI
Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies - PATHS
Reality Check - Marijuana is a Drug
Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program - Dept. of Education
The Straight Scoop News Bureau
Students Taking Action Not Drugs (Stand)
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy - ONDCP
Private National Sites
American Council for Drug Education
 America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth
Parents. The AntiDrug
Building Drug-Free Communities - A Planning Guide
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Character Counts! Coalition
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America - CADCA
Corporation for National and Community Service
Dream, Inc.
Drug Abuse Resistance Education - D.A.R.E.
Drug-Free Youth in Town - DFYIT
Drug Watch International
Elks Drug Awareness Resource Center
Facing Alcohol Concerns through Education - FACE
Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace
Join Together ONLINE
Lions Youth Outreach Program
Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free
Lowe Family Foundation
McGovern Foundation
ME-ME Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education Program
Mothers Against Drunk Driving - MADD
Narcotics Anonymous
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - NCADD
National Drug Prevention League
National Families in Action
National Family Partnership
National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
National Mentoring Partnership
Netbook: Internet Resources for Substance Abuse Prevention
Parenting is Prevention
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Perú Sin Drogas
Pray for the Children
Prevention Research Center -  Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
Pride Youth Programs
Race Against Drugs
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Students in Action
Starfish Foundation
Web of Addictions
State or Regional Sites
Alaska Prevention Partnership
CASPAR - Cambridge and Somerville, MA., Program for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Rehab.
Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc.  - North Carolina
Illinois Drug Education Alliance
Parent Resources and Information on Drug Education - PRIDE-Omaha, Inc.
Red Ribbon Works - Greenville, South Carolina
University Sites
Alcohol Research Center - LSU
Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies - Brown University
Center for Prevention Research - University of Kentucky
Center for Substance Abuse Research - CESAR  - University of Maryland
Center of Alcohol Studies - CAS - Rutgers University
College Alcohol Study - CAS  - Harvard School of Public Health
Doctors Ought to Care - Baylor College of Medicine
ePrevco -- Electronic Prevention Community Organizer
Florida Tobacco Control Clearinghouse - Florida State University and the University of Florida
Indiana Prevention Resource Center - Indiana University
Monitoring the Future - A continuing study of American youth -  University of Michigan
National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse - CASA - Columbia University
Resources for School Health Educators at the Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Science, Tobacco & You - Florida State University
Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources
Journalists Information Sites
Addiction Studies Program for Journalists