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The Series of Global Drug Abuse Prevention Conferences

First Global Drug Abuse Prevention Conference, Lima Peru 1998

Global Initiatives on Drug Demand Reduction: The Americas-Asia Dialogue

Lima Peru, May 28-30, 1998


  • CEDRO, Centro de Informacion y Education para la Prevencion del Abuso de Drogas

  • RIPRED/DPNA Red Interamerican para la Prevencion Sobre Drogas

  • COLOMBO PLAN Secretariat/DAP- Sri Lanka


 724 delegates representing 286 institutions and 15 nations dedicated to the prevention of drug abuse in North, Central, and South America, met in the city of Lima for the event: “International Experiences on the Prevention of Drug Abuse,” organized by the Drug Prevention Network of the Americas (DPNA), and agreed to unite forces in order to develop and perform common actions that will contribute to the  prevention of drug use within younger generations and will lead to the establishment of drug-free communities by promoting healthier forms of living.  They also  unanimously decided to promote in their communities educational and civil actions against the misguided efforts to legalize drug consumption.

Special Guests:

  • Marino Costa Bauer, Minister of Health, Peru & President of CONTRADROGAS

  • Dennis Jett, US. Ambassador

  • Yoshizo Konichi, Ambassador of Japan

  • Alejandro Vassilaqui, Chairman of International Organizing Committee and  Executive Director of CEDRO, stated that “ The enemy is not the drug itself, the enemy is rather a world without principles without moral values, without hopes. Prevention is everyone’s task.”   


Developing networks at the international, regional and local levels, and the coordination of coherent policies and laws to enable the effective fighting against the use and abuse of drugs.   Demand reduction requires multidimensional, well-integrated approaches and recognition of  the importance of keeping in mind different cultures and customs in developing innovative drug prevention policies and programs. 

First Global Conference on Drug Prevention Resolution: