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The Series of Global Drug Abuse Prevention Conferences

Second Global Conference On Drug Abuse, Thailand 1999

Primary Prevention

Effective Primary Prevention Strategies Possibilities for the Next Millennium
Bangkok, Thailand November 8-12, 1999


  • COLOMBO PLAN Drug Advisory Programme DAP

  • Office of Narcotics Control Board

  • National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand

  • Drug Prevention Network of the Americas


Positive evaluations by conference participants at the First Global Conference on Drug Demand Reduction led to a Second Global Prevention Conference, held in Bangkok, Thailand during spring 1999. DPNA, Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program (DAP) and members of the International Federation of Non-Government Organizations (IFNGO) worked with a local host agency in Thailand, and jointly planned the sessions. The resulting conference was attended by more than 500 individuals from over 60 nations. Meeting attendees again gave extremely positive evaluations to the meeting, lauding its content and new ideas. The meeting concluded with the participants passing the Bangkok Resolution. 

Included in the resolution was a concept presented by DPNA to establish a global Internet portal to coordinate the activities of NGO's involved in drug demand reduction. A Special Global Standing Committee was created to oversee the creation of an international web portal to support the drug abuse prevention efforts of organizations across the globe. The GDPN web portal was created in response to this resolution.  Highlights:


Working towards the development of a global drug prevention network and  promoting and intensifying the use of cyber media to disseminate drug and substance abuse prevention information strategies and programmes.

Special Guests:

  • H.E. Mr. Jurin Luksanawisit, Office of the Prime Minister

  • Chairman of IOC: General Chavalit Yodmani, President ASPAC-NGO



Signed in Bangkok, Thailand on 12 November 1999 On behalf of the Asia and Pacific Countries

Acknowledge and appreciates the efforts of all governments, international organizations and NGOs in the fight against drug and substance abuse and illicit trafficking;

 Supports the national and international calls for drug free societies, nations and regions in the new millennium;

 Urges participating countries of this Second Global Conference on Drug Abuse Primary Prevention to take all relevant steps to assist global efforts to create drug free societies in the next millennium.

 Initiatives that can and should be taken by participating nations are as follows: 

1.      Urge governments to be fully committed to eradicate drug and substance abuse, trafficking and manufacture/production in their respective counties;

2.      Work with the mass media to develop relevant drug and substance abuse prevention messages and strategies;

3.      Promote the setting up of national, regional and international awards/incentives for media contributions in the anti drug arena;

4.      Adopt relevant components to strengthen the family and increase spirituality in all drug preventive programmes;

5.      Oppose all calls to legalize drugs of any kind as well as calls to include any component of harm minimization strategies;

6.      Legislate relevant drug laws to prevent drug and substance abuse, trafficking, illicit manufacture/production and money laundering;

7.      Drug preventive education should commence at a very early stage and continued to be reinforced throughout ones life;

8.      Urge nations to include drug education curricula in all training institutions, especially teachers training institutions, medical, health training institutions, universities, etc.;

9.      Promote and intensify the use of the cyber media to disseminate drug and substance abuse prevention policies, strategies, information and programmes to further involve the youth in primary prevention of drug and substance abuse;

10.    Resolve to form a Global Standing Committee on Primary Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse comprising of NGO representatives from the Western and Eastern Hemispheres as soon as possible.  The Committee is tasked with the preparation of strategies, programmes and curricula; reviewing, monitoring, updating and taking all other necessary actions with regard to the setting up of drug and substance abuse prevention web sties and Internet facilities.  These initiatives should be implemented as soon as possible;

11.    Urge international organizations to include youths in international conferences;

12.    All segments of society, including youth, should be involved in the development of drug prevention policy, programme formulation and implementation;

13.    Motivate the community's involvement in drug abuse prevention activities;

14.    National and international organizations should urge governments to grant tax exemptions and incentives to private sectors involved in drug prevention initiatives;

15.    Encourage more cooperation and collaboration among government agencies, non-government organizations and international agencies;

16.    All drug prevention programmes must have the evaluation component to assess their effectiveness;

17.    All nations are urged to establish an NGO apex or coordinating body as their focal point;

18.    International and regional organizations are urged to sponsor inter and intra regional youth exchange programmes;

19.    All countries in their respective regions are urged to be members of their respective regional drug prevention organization like DPNA and ASEAN NGO Against Drug Abuse and the South Asian Federation of NGOs;

20.    All nations are urged to establish a mechanism for the exchange of information and experience, share technology and resources aimed at strengthening prevention networks within and outside of the region;

21.    Urge all nations to take necessary steps to implement the recommendations of the II Global Conference and make necessary preparations for the holding of the III Global Conference.

 Signed here in Bangkok, Tailand on 12 November 1999 by: 
Policy General Chavalit Yodmani
On behalf of the Asia and Pacific Countries
Mr. John F. Gilligan
On behalf of drug Prevention Network of the Americas

II Global Conference on Drug Prevention Resolution: