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DPNA/DFAF Forging Leadership Workshops

Third Buenos Aires, Argentina Workshop

November 12 and 13, 2003

Local Partners:

  • The Institute of the Prevention of Drug Addictions (IDP) of the Universidad del Salvador, directed by Dr. Juan Alberto Yaria.
  • Scientific Secretariat: Dr. Andrés Samá & Lic. Jorgelina Devoto.

Format of the Seminar: Although all usual Forging Leadership training events have the same duration (one and a half days), in each location the issues that are raised and the type of presenters vary according to joint decisions between the local and the international coordination teams. This was a "piggy-back" training event wherein Forging Leadership training was part of a much larger event with 270 participants organized by the IDP. A copy of the agenda is included with this report within the spiral bound booklet that was produced for distribution to the attendees.

Partcipants: Because there were always two simultaneous presentations going on during the entire event, the Forging Leadership presentations had between 130 and 150 participants. These participants were mainly social leaders, graduate students in the area of drug addiction, and individuals representing numerous Argentinean NGOs. Included with this report is a spiral bound, book which contains copies of the forms which many people filled out stating their desire to join DPNA/RIPRED and copies of evaluation forms completed by the participants. The organizations represented at the seminar were those known as being active in drug prevention and treatment work and having clear ideas about the need for drug demand reduction.

Forjando Liderazgo Presenters:

  • Calvina Fay

  • Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky

  • Juan Alberto Yari

  • Guillermo Fernandez

  • Luis Viale

  • Carlos Dias

Themes: Drug Prevention Network of the Americas - RIPRED, Sound Drug Policies, Preventive Cities, Drugs and Youth - Obligations and Rights", and philosophical and Ethical Ground for the Need of Drug Demand Reduction.

As in all former Forging Leadership events, for most participants, what was said regarding the drug legalization movement in the world and in Latin America, was totally new material.

Training Materials: A copy of the printed handout materials and the CD are included with this report. They were specifically produced for the Forging Leadership workshop in Buenos Aires and distributed to the participants. The products produced were:

A.   A binder in the format of a book, with interesting and recent texts which were written by the local presenters and others which were from papers presented by the Argentinean presenters at the seminar and were translated or adapted from other languages such as English or Portuguese and which, most probably, represent new information for the participants.

B.  A Compact Disc with many other materials besides those in the binder described above, facilitating the use of the texts in a wider form.

Media exposure: On Saturday, November 16, Calvina Fay, Juan Alberto Yaria, and Mina Seinfeld Carakushnasky were the invitees to be interviewed in the widely renown political TV program "The Secrets of Power." During our seminar, the host of this TV program, renown Argentinean journalist Ariel Crespo, had been one of the presenters on "The role of the media" panel where he gave a short report, emphasizing the no drug legalization positions defended by DPNA, DFAF and the Universidad del Salvador. Unfortunately, an accident occurred one day after the Seminar, and Mina broke her arm, requiring transport by ambulance to a local hospital. Following the accident, it was determined that Mina needed to return home immediately for medical care (including possible surgery) and, therefore, we could not participate in the program. Dr. Yaria did participate and talked about Forging Leadership.

Immediate outcomes of the seminar: Many of the participants signed, in their own name or in name of their organizations, a form expressing their desire to join DPNA/RIPRED and to work in order to seek drug demand reduction in their country, Argentina.

Conclusion: Based on the ratings and feedback given by many of the participants, it is possible to say that the Forging Leadership seminar at USAL in Buenos Aires should be considered a success.