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DPNA/DFAF Forging Leadership Conferences for 2006

List of some of the DPNA/DFAF Forging Leadership seminars planned for 2006

Overall Coordination: Professor Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky.

Presenters featured at these seminars include: Calvina Fay, Juan Alberto Yaria, Guillermo Fernandez D'Adam, Roberto Maldonado, Juvenal Villasmil, Alejandro Vassilaqui, Eliseo Gonzalez Regadas, and Juan Becerra.

LIMA, Perú: March 18-19  "Forging Youth Leadership to Confront drugs  Drugs in a Democratic Society." Sponsored by CEDRO, Peru.  Local Coordinators: Alejandro Vassilaqui y Antonio Lara.

Tacna, Chile:  April 1. "Forging Leadership for Drug Demand Reduction."  Local Coordinators: Rosa Icarte, the head of CORFAL, and Geovana Velkarde Nieto from the NGO DEVIDA.

PILAR, Argentina:  April 6-8. "University Drug Demand Summit". Sponsored by Salvador University, Local coordinators: Juan Alberto Yaria y Guillerme Fernandez D'Adam.

ARICA, Chile:  April 19-20. "Forging Leadership for Drug Demand Reduction." Sponsored by CORFAL y CHIPRED. Local coordinators: Rosa Icarte Muñoz y Jose Luiz Rojas
MEDELLÌN, Colombia:   "Last week of April, 2006."  "Medellín, Preventative Cities."   Sponsored by SURGIR. Local coordinator: Margarita Sanchez.

CORDOBA, Argentina:  May 4-5. "The First Seminar on Prevention of Drug Addiction, Police, and the Community."  Sponsored by the Cordoba Police Department.  Coordnator: Inspector Javier Benavides

FORMOSA, Argentina: May 15-16. "Forging Youth Leadership - Toward a Preventative City." Sponsored by the Ministry of Human Development. Local Coordinator: Marcelo Kremis

CUYO, San Juan, Argentina: May 18-19. "Forging Leadership International Seminar." Sponsored by the Catholic University at Cuyo. Local coordinator:
Maria Isabel Larrauri.
SANTA ROSA, La Pampa, Argentina:  May 29-30. "Forging Leadership for a Healthy and Drug Free Pampa."  Sponsored by: IPADES.  Local coordinator: Hayde Costabel
MANTA, Ecuador:  June. "Forging Youth Leadership an Ecuador Free of Drugs." Sponsored by CONSEP- The National Council for the Control of Mind Altering Drugs. Local coordinator: Ricardo Ramon Loor
MÉRIDA, Venezuela:  July 13-14, 2006. "Forging Student Leadership with Respect to Drugs: International Univerity Seminar."  Sponsored by Fundación José Felix Ribas y Universidad de Mérida. Local coordinators: Juvenal Villasmil y Inspector Juan Becerra.


Universities Summit for Drug Demand Reduction

Date of event:   April, 6 - 8, 2006  

Location:  USAL in Buenos Aires on April 6 and Pilar, State of Buenos Aires on  April 7 and 8

Type of event:   International Conference for the Deans and High Officials of Latin American Universities

Short description of planned activity: Our main partner will be the Universidad del Salvador (a Catholic Argentinean University, with which we have been working closely over the last three years, through its Instituto de Prevencion de Las Drogas). We will bring together important people from several universities from Argentina and other countries of Latin America, in order to discuss the need to have the strong involvement of faculty and students in drug demand reduction. Presentations will include subjects such as effective prevention and effective drug policies, and how to involve all strata of society in drug demand reduction work.

The following universities have committed so far to send representatives to the meeting:

1.    U.N. DE LA PLATA
6.    U.N. DE  CORDOBA
11.    U. BARCELO
12.    UCES
13.    AUSTRAL
14.    UFLO
16.    U. DE LA
17.    FAS  DE  SAN LUIS
19.    U.N.  DE CUBA
20.    U. N. DE LA PAMPA

Plus the invited special universities:
5.    U.C. DE  URUGUAY
6.    U.C. DE  BOLIVIA

Plus the Associated USAKL Departments of:

Primer Seminario de Prevencion de la Drogadependencia, Policia y  Comunidad.

Date of event:  May 4-5, 2006

Location: Cordoba

Type of event:  Prevention Conference for 80 Chiefs of Police.

Short description of planned activity:  Our local coordinator will be Crio. Insp. Javier Benavidez, Chief of the Department of Prevention Projects of the Direccion General de Lucha Contra el Narcotráfico. We have selected the Hotel La Canada as the event location.  Besides our Argentinean presenters, we will have as one of our international speakers, Comisario Juan Becerra from Venezuela who made an excellent presentation in our Forjando Liderazgo seminar in Caracas last year.  The program is in place and invitations will soon be issued by the Cordoba Police.  

Forjando Liderazgo para La Pampa Saludable y Sin Drogas

Date of event:   May 29-30, 2006

Location:  Santa Rosa, State of La Pampa, Argentina.

Type of event:   Training Seminar

Short description of planned activity:  Our local partner will be the NGO IPADES and our local coordinator will be Hayde Costabel. The participants will include Governmental authorities and organization representatives from the cities of Santa Rosa and Toay. The main presentations will show how to develop young leadership for Preventive Cities.


Forjando Liderazgo Juvenil - Hacia la Ciudad Preventiva

Date of event:  May 15-16, 2006

Location:  Formosa, Argentina.

Type of event:  Training Seminar.

Short description of planned activity:  Our local partner will be the Ministry of Human Development of Formosa, and our local coordinator will be Marcelo Kremis.


Forjando Liderazgo International Seminar

Date of event:  May 18 -19, 2006

Location:   San Juan, Argentina.

Type of event:  Training Seminar.

Short description of planned activity:  Our local partner will be the Universidad Católica de Cuyo and our local coordinator will be the Dean of the School of Philosophy and Humanities, Prof. Maria Isabel Larrauri.  The site for the seminar will be at the University headquarters. Our presenters will be our international coordinator, Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky (Forjando Liderazgo in Latin America: Challenges and Possible Success), Dr. Juan Alberto Yaria (Effective Policies for Drug Demand Reduction), Dr. Guillermo Fernandez (Community Resilience at the Preventive City), and Professor Osvaldo Panza Doliani (Violence, Drugs and Schools), who is also a professor at the Universidad del Salvador and a very successful presenter.  At this seminar we will also have a general "International Plenary Forjando Liderazgo Session" done at the end of the first day from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for local community leaders, civil servants, faith leaders, parents and other interested youngsters.  This session has been titled "Drug Prevention: The Present and The Future."


Medellin: Preventative Cities

Date of event:   Last week of April, 2006

Location:  Medellin, Colombia.

Type of event:  Training Seminar

Short description of planned activity:  We will have as our local partner the NGO SURGIR, and as our Local Coordinator, Margarita Sanchez, who is a member of our International Task Force.  We will utilize DPNA board member, Alejandro Vassilaqui, to talk about coalition building and his success story of CEDRO in Peru, DPNA board member Eliseo Gonzales, to provide an overview of DPNA/RIPRED, Jose Luis Rojas, the president of CHIPRED (and task force member) to talk about how the Chileans organized themselves as a result of the inspiration and enthusiasm following our Forjando Liderazgo seminar held several years ago in Santiago, Chile.  We will also utilize task force member, Dr. Guillermo Fernandez from Buenos Aires, Argentina to talk about Preventive Cities and the need to organize and work together for effective drug demand reduction.


Forjando Liderazgo Juvenil Enfrentando Las Drogas en Democracia

Date of event:         March 18-19

Location:         Lima, Peru.

Type of event:     Training Seminar.

Short description of planned activity:  Our local partner will be the NGO CEDRO, directed by Alejandro Vassilaqui (who is the Vice-president of DPNA). Our local coordinator will be Jorge Arnao.  The seminar activities will be at the CEDRO offices and auditorium. We will sponsor 20 young leaders, to be selected by CEDRO, from 20 regions within Peru.  Our international presenters will include our international coordinator, Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky, Dr. Guillermo Fernandez from Argentina, and Eduardo Pinzon from Panama.  We will be using for the first time a new technique called collage which has proven to be very effective when working with youngsters who are from different backgrounds as is the case currently in Lima.  


ARICA: Forjando Liderazgo para la Reduccion de La Demanda de Drogas

Date of event:  April 19-20, 2006

Location:  Arica, Chile.

Type of event:  Training workshop.

Short description of planned activity:  Our local partner will be the NGO CORFAL and will also include the input of  Previene and  CONACE. Our local coordinator will be Rosa Isabel Muñoz (who is also the Vice-president of CHIPRED). There will be participants from Iquique and Tacna (a Peruvian city near the Chilean border with Peru). Jose Luis Rojas, the President of CHIPRED will be one of the presenters, as well as Rafael Miquel, from Iquique.  Our trainers will include Dr. Guillermo Fernandez from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jose Luis Luis Rojas from CHIPRED in Santiago, Chile, Rafael Miguel, and Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky.  

TACNA: Forjando Liderazgo para la Reduccion de La Demanda de Drogas

Date of event: April 21

Location:  Tacna, Chile.

Type of event:  Training workshop.

Short description of planned activity:  The Forjando Liderazgo seminar being hosted in Arica, Chile will be repeated in Tacna with a change of the local speakers to give it a local outlook specific to Tacna rather than Arica.  A document will possibly be signed stating that we are undertaking a regional effort to reduce the demand for drugs.  Our local coordinators in Tacna will be Rosa Icarte, the head of CORFAL, and Geovana Velkarde Nieto from the NGO DEVIDA.


Forjando Liderazgo Estudiantil Ante Las Drogas: Seminario Universitario Internacional

Date of event:  July 13-14, 2006

Location:   Merida, Venezuela.

Type of event:  Training Seminar.

Short description of planned activity: Based upon the successful experience we had with our Forjando Liderazgo seminar in Caracas, Merida was proposed as an opportunity to forge young leadership since the University of Merida is a renown institution in Latin America. Our partners will be the University of Merida and the National Assembly (The Venezuelan Congress).  The two local coordinators will be Juvenal Villasmil and Comisario Juan Becerra.   The event will be for 50 young university leaders, those who are the directors of the student associations.  


Forjando Liderazgo Juvenil para un Ecuador Libre de Drogas.

Date of event:   In the month of June, with no exact date yet.

Location:   Manta, Ecuador.

Type of event:    Training seminar.

Short description of planned activity:  local partner: Drug Demand Reduction Council. Our local coordinator will be Ricardo Loor. The NGO Semillas de Amor, which was our local partner in the Forjando Liderazgo seminar in Guayaquil  and the Education Ministry (through its drug Prevention Coordinator, Paquita Moncayo), will participate actively in this Seminar.  We have also invited a young leader whom we met in Guayaquil and who now is in charge of the drug prevention projects of Semillas de Amor. The event will be at the Hotel Howard Johnson Plaza.

 Past Forging Leadership Workshops