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DPNA/DFAF Forging Leadership Workshops

Mexico City - Mexico
September 26-27, 2002

Theme: Drug Prevention Education

Local partner: Centros de Integracion Juvenil - CIJ (Ricardo Sanchez  and Carmen Fernandez)

Alejandro Vassilaqui as the DPNA/RIPRED representative provided a background on RIPRED

Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky explained the Forjando Liderazgo approach and actions that can be undertaken by large cities in order to achieve drug demand reduction.

Presenters: Guillermo Fernandez; Carmen Fernández Cáceres; Luis Solís Rojas; Ricardo Sánchez Huesca

Content: Local needs and adaptations have resulted in a mix of Coalition Building with Sound drug Policies and Drug Prevention Education. This was done in order to make the proposal to form a Mexican net of NGOs for drug demand reduction.

Main documents: The DPNA document were prepared by Alejandro Vassilaqui, several documents on Coalition Building (as for Chile) and also Kenett Vittetoe Bustillo’s text on “Effectiveness of Drug Prevention in developing Countries”. A number of  other documents  translated into Spanish (such as Medicinal Applications of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol and Marijuana by Eric A. Voth, MD, and Richard H. Schwartz, MD were also be distributed.  See