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DPNA/DFAF Forging Leadership Workshops

Santiago de Chile - Chile

Date: October 24-25, 2002

Theme: NGOs Coalition Building

Local partner: American Embassy in Santiago (Monica Alcalde)

DPNA representative: Eliseo Gonzalez, presented background information on  RIPRED. Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky provided a short presentation on the meaning of Forjando Liderazgo

Main Presenters: Calvina Fay  was key-note speaker,making a presentation on Sound Policies on Drugs for an invited audience of about 150 high government officials as well as heads of NGO’s. Gaston Rivera and  Guillermo Fernandez   presented coalition material and facilitated workshops    


 1: Strategy for Coalitions: Cooperative of Adversarial?
 2: Minimal Conditions needed for a cooperative-style coalition to be effective
 3: Incentive Systems: How to get people to cooperate?
 4: Stages of Coalition-Building
 5: Examples of Successes and Failures in Latin America
 6. Coalitions and International Support
 7: Relationship with DPNA - Rafael Miquel, from Iquique and a member of DPNA

 Several written sources were be used as background material with examples of success coalition building in several countries.

Impact: At the end of these activities, a broad-based coalition of NGOs in Chile was formed "CHIRPED" to address problems of drug abuse was formed.  It was expected that over the long run, through broad mobilization of many NGOs, the philosophy of DPNA regarding drug issues would be ever more known and adopted.

Resolutions:    The Santiago Declaration