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Cocaine Hydrochloride: Our society can afford to loose you

Drug Descriptions: US Drug Enforcement Administration

Drugs of Abuse: US Drug Enforcement Administration

The Good Don'ts During Adolescence
Is cannabis a medicine?

I Want to Help My Child Say No to Alcohol and Other Drugs

Keeping Your Kid DRUG FREE:  A How-To Guide for Parents and Caregivers National Anti-Drug Media Campaign

Lets Work Together Against Problems Caused by Drugs: Inhalants

Life Experiences: What to do in case of intoxication

Parent Brochure: Voluntary Randomized Student Testing
The Prevention of Drug Consumption

Questions and Answers about Drugs

Random Pupil Drug Testing:  Coalition Against Cannabis

 Tips for Teen Substance Abuse Pamphlet Collection: SAMHSA

 Voluntary Randomized Student Testing: Parent Brochure




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