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CSAP Social Marketing Skills Training Course

Learn Well, Drug Prevention: Free from Harmful Drugs Course

CSAP Training Course Library

Courses and Training

Alcohol Problems: Prevent them, Treat them 

American Council for Drug Education: Drug Prevention Lesson Plans
Comprehensive Prevention Strategies: Key to Coalition Success - CSAP
CSAP Toolbox for Collaborative Prevention Campaigns
CSAP Training Course Library
D.A.R.E.'s K-12 Curricula:  Not Just a 'Say No' Program;

DEA Get it Straight Drug Prevention Book for Teens

Demand Reduction Courses National Guard Drug Prevention

Drug Prevention: Free from Harmful Drugs

Facilitation Skills Development Process -FSDP

Help with Addiction: A Brain Not on Drugs

Hispanic Latino Leadership Institute - HLI
Institute for African American Mobilization
International Law Enforcement Academies - INL

Marijuana: Facts for Teens - NIDA

Media Relations

Mind Over Matter Course Booklet- NIDA

Mind Over Matter Teacher's Guide - NIDA

Mind-full of Media
Multicultural Leadership Institute

Prevention of Drug Consumption

Prevention Values: Living Drug Free  
Prevention Works: Social Worker Training Course on Prevention of ATOD Problems
Principles for Prevention Partnerships: Part 2, Valuing Cultural Diversity
Raising Drug Free Kids: A Values Approach
Reach Out Now: Talk With Your Fifth Grader About Underage Drinking (Teacher Pages and Family Resource Guide), Michigan Department of Education

Sarah's Quest :Helping Children Learn about the Effect of Drug on Their Brain and Body

Social Marketing Skills Training Course

Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization: US Justice Department

Street Work with High-Risk Youth  CSAP
Sustaining Community Prevention - SAMHSA
Volunteers Working in Spiritual Communities for Prevention

Western CAPT PowerPoint Prevention Training Modules

Western CAPT Prevention Program Planning and Best Practices