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We have the satisfaction to share with all of you and the general community that our institution, CEDRO, has been granted this year with the annual “UN Vienna Civil Society Award”, as a tribute and reconnaissance to the work and efforts we make for our society, having as a main objective to form a society that will be able to create its own protection mechanisms against the drug problem, through information and education, creating awareness regarding the negative effects that drug production, commercialization and consumption have on our society.

 We are proud to share this award with all people cooperating and working together directly and indirectly to achieve the goals we have as institution, promoting healthy life styles, inside a legal environment and offering licit alternatives for the final outcome will be a society free of drugs. CEDRO is an institution that, all together with those who support and sustain us, maintains a fluent exchange, both at national and international levels, with actors and agents from various countries and entities, which lead to the empowerment of its actions and policies in drug field, in a setting of respect to human rights, to the environment, and to individual freedom, yet not losing sight of an inter-dependent and globalized world. This allows CEDRO to encourage, among many different people, a democratic leadership that keeps up a renewed and constant dialogue.

 The annual “UN Vienna Civil Society Award” pays tribute to people or organizations that promote civil society and fighting crime and drug abuse.

Vienna has been one of the United Nations headquarter cities for two decades, hosting several UN programmes. The Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention reaffirms the city’s role as the United Nations centre for fighting uncivil elements of civil society.

The award highlights the important work of the United Nations in promoting civil society and fighting crime and drug abuse. It recognizes outstanding contributions by civil society in fighting drug abuse, crime and terrorism and fostering justice and social progress.

 Among all other institutions around the world, CEDRO is the only one in all the Americas that has been distinguished with this award. It will be granted on November the 24th, in a ceremony at the Municipality of Vienna, in the Republic of Austria, having the presence of Michael Haeupl, Mayor of the City; Antonio Maria Costa, Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, among other diplomatic and official representatives.