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Drug Information

Drugs:  General Databases and Articles

Basic Facts About Drugs - ACDE
Commonly Abused Drug- NIDA

Drug Information - D.A.R.E

Drugs of Concern - DEA

Drug Facts -- ONDCP
Drug Free America Database
Drugs of Abuse - ONDCP
A Guide to Drugs and the Brain - National Families in Action
Heads Up -- Freevibe
Infofacts -- NIDA

Information about Drugs and Alcohol - SAMHSA

 Just Say No - Guide to illegal drugs - USA Today
Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs - NARCONON

Drugs of Abuse - NIDA

Facts on Drugs for Teens - NIDA

Real News about Drugs and Your Body - Scholastic Books
What to Do if Your Kid is Using Drugs - KidsHealth.org


Marijuana - NIDA
California Medical Marijuana Information - DEA
Is cannabis a medicine

The name game: Cannabis vs. Cannabinoids

Marijuana Facts - Educating Voices
Medical marijuana already exists. It's called Marinol.
What Americans Need to Know About Marijuana: Important facts about our nationís most misunderstood illegal drug: ONDCP
What's Down with Marijuana? - SAMHSA Prevention Alert, May 23, 2003 (Part 1)
What's Down with Marijuana? - SAMHSA Prevention Alert, May 30, 2003 (Part 2)

Club Drugs

Club Drugs and HIV: Possible New Strain Offers Wake-up Call

Club Drugs - NIDA

Beyond Ecstasy: The Facts About Other Club Drugs -DrugStory

Drug Information: Club Drugs -TheAntiDrug

Drug Intelligence Brief: An Overview of Club Drugs (September 2001) - DEA

Drug Facts: Club Drugs, Consequences of Use - ONDCP

OxyContin:  US Office of National Drug Control Drug Facts


Cocaine Facts - Educating Voices

Cocaine Facts - ONDCP

Crack and Cocaine - NIDA


Ecstasy - NIDA

Ecstasy/MDMA Facts:  Educating Voices

'Liquid Ecstasy' to be Banned as Date Rapes and Deaths Soar
Survey: Parents Underestimate Ecstasy Use
Survey: Teens See Little Risk in Ecstasy

Ecstasy, The Rest of the Story: Educating Voices


Heroin - NIDA

Heroin Facts - Educating Voices

Heroin Factsheet - ONDCP
Heroin Hits Home - Indiana Gazette
Heroin is Surpassing Cocaine As Users' Choice
History of Heroin


Huffing: A new low point for kids getting high
'Huffing' Can Kill Your Child - CBS News
Inhalants - NIDA
Inhalants everywhere but often unnoticed
Inhalant Prevention Resource Guide - Virginia Department of Education
National Inhalant Prevention Coalition


Methamphetamine: NIDA
Dance of Death: Crystal Meth Fuels HIV
Drug Facts: Methamphetamine - ONDCP
The Forms of Methamphetamine - DEA
Information on Common Drugs of Abuse: Methamphetamine - NIDA
Methamphetamine Called No.1 Drug Threat, Deadly
Methamphetamine Facts - Educating Voices
MethResouses.gov - US White House
Scourge of Methamphetamine Quickly Overtaking the Midwest - Denver Post
Special Feature on Methamphetamin- DrugStory

Time Bomb: A meth parable - Daily Camera

What is Methamphetamine and What is the Extent of It's Use in the U.S.?

Over-the-Counter Drugs

Confronting the Rise in Abuse of Prescription Drugs - NIDA
Dealing drugs over the counter
Global scourge: synthetic drugs - Christian Science Monitor

Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged - Washington Post

Over-the-Counter Drug Facts - Educating Voices

Pharming, New Teen Drug Craze

Stoned on Cold Medicine - ABC News Report

Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs: NIDA

The Ritalin Generation Goes To College
Steep Rise in Abuse of Legal Drugs
Study Probes Many Uses for Stimulants


Legal, Herbal Hallucinogenic Draws Teens, Critics - Salvia

Powerful but legal, hallucinogenic under scrutiny


Steroids: NIDA

Tobacco Products

Cigarettes and Other Nicotine Products - NIDA
Are drinkers and smokers most likely tokers?
Illicit Drug Use Among Youths Who Used Cigarettes and Alcohol -SAMHSA
Cigarettes, Alcohol, Marijuana: Gateways to Illicit Drug Use: Summary - CASA
Tobacco and Alcohol: Gateway Drugs? - AAP

Position Statement: Alcohol and Tobacco: Two Dangerous Gateway Drugs - Drug Watch