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Drug Effects
General Effects
Addicted Parents
Addictive Qualities of Popular Drugs: Comparing Dangers
America's Drug Habit Funds Terrorism
Are Tens of Thousands of the Mentally Ill Being Misdiagnosed? - The Illinouis MISA Institute?
Back to the Brothel - Drugs and Slavery in Cambodia
Balding, Wrinkled, and Stoned
CAREER PROS: Ex-Addicts Canít Kick Stigma - California Job Journal
Child drug use 'aggression link'
Dentists seeing signs of drug abuse
Drugs, alcohol killers on the road
Drug and alcohol use among drivers admitted to a Level-1 trauma center
Drug Trafficking in the United States - A DEA Report
The Economic Costs of Drug Abuse in the US, 1992-1998 - ONDCP
Evidence of Drugs and Violence in Hawaii Schools
Fighting Corruption/Improving Transparency - White House Report
How many criminals are high at the time of the crime? - US Department of Justice
Illicit drugs: no route to prosperity and economic growth: - UN Report
Older Addicts Face Uncertain Twilight - Washington Post  
Parents Who Use Illegal Drugs, Abuse Alcohol & Smoke Endanger Half The Nation's Children - CASA
School Killings and Woundings
Statistics Aside, Teens' Alcohol, Drug Use Is Alarming - Washington Post
Report: Non-Medical Marijuana II: Rite Of Passage Or Russian Roulette? - CASA
Teen Risky Behaviors
UN ODCCP Studies on Drugs and Crime Global Illicit Drug Trends 2001
United Nations World Drug Report
US General Drug Trends - NIDA 2002
US Government survey quantifies reveals the connection between substance abuse and personality disorders - August 2004
Workplace Trends
Drug Legalization
Harm Reduction or Harm Promotion? Marco Susskind 
Legalization or Zero Tolerance? The Cannabis Debate
Why 'harm reduction' won't work: Vancouver's latest plan
Drugs, Drug Money, and Terrorism
Drugs and Terror - New York Times
Fighting Corruption: Improving Transparency - INL Fact Sheet
Overview of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act -  US White House
Terrorism's drug money: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Drug Production and the Environment
Environment is victim of addiction
The Other Drug War: (Drug Production and the Environment)
Alcohol, Other Drug Use Raise Risk of Suicide
Binge Drinking and Unintended Pregnancies
National study ties teen transitions to alcohol and drug use, sexual behavior, driving habits, and mental health
Teen Binge Drinking Can Do Long-term Brain Damage
Snapshot of Annual High-Risk College Drinking Consequences
Cannabis: A risk to mental health, or a boon for people with MS?
Cannabis can double fatal car crash risk: study
Cannabis, depression, & suicide research
Cannabis, the Truth - Mary Brett
Doctors link marijuana to mental illness
Drug 'trebles schizophrenia risk'
Heavy Teen Marijuana Use Causes Brain Changes
Imaging Shows Similarities in Brains of Marijuana Smokers, Schizophrenics
Marijuana Abuse: Age of Initiation, Pleasure of Response Foreshadow Young Adult Outcomes- Rand Corporation
Myth: Marijuana Is Harmless
JAMA Research Shows Adult Marijuana Abuse and Dependence Increased During 1990s
Kids and cannabis: Why dope is much more dangerous than you think
Marijuana addictions in teens growing
Marijuana use linked to early bladder cancer
Puffing on a hookah may lead to gum disease
Report: Cannabis and cannabis-based medicines: Potential benefits and risks to health
Studies link psychosis, teenage marijuana use. Some adolescents carry genetic risk
 Cocaine can cause major stomach problems: surgeon
Cocaine Facts -ONDCP
Estimate of Cocaine Availability in the United States
Health timebomb as rising cocaine use threatens heart problems in young.
UK Cocaine deaths reach 'staggering' levels - News
Ecstasy May Leave Brain More Prone To Infection
'Liquid Ecstasy' to be Banned as Date Rapes and Deaths Soar
Evidence Links Cocaine Abuse and Parkinsonís Disease
No Raves for RAVE - UPS
Survey: Parents Underestimate Ecstasy Use
Survey: Teens See Little Risk in Ecstasy
Taking Ecstasy During Pregnancy May Cause Brain Damage,
Behavior Problems In Babies - Science Daily
Estimate of Heroin Availability in the United States
Heroin Hits Home - Indiana Gazette
Heroin is Surpassing Cocaine As Users' Choice
Report highlights increase in HIV infections amongst IDUs in UK
Children at Risk - US Department of Justice
Dance of Death: Crystal Meth Fuels HIV
Drug Facts: Methamphetamin- ONDCP
Methamphetamine Called No.1 Drug Threat, Deadly
Methamphetamine, Consequences of Use -ONDCP
Methamphetamine Information - Koch Crime Institute
Meth labs, a toxic threat to rural America - NBC News
Meth's Simplicity is Power - The Daily Times
Meth users can look forward to gumming their food
NIDA Research Report: Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction
Problem of Meth Mouth among Non-Users
Scourge of Methamphetamine Quickly Overtaking the Midwest - Denver Post
What is Methamphetamine and What is the Extent of It's Use in the U.S.?
Over the Counter Drugs
Dealing drugs over the counter

Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged:  Washington Post

More Teens Abuse Over-the-Counter Drugs: 'Robotripping' on Legally Obtained Medicines Can Be Fatal

Opioid Painkillers: Survey Finds Nearly Half of Public Unaware Prescription Painkiller Abuse is as Harmful as Using Heroin

Pharming, New Teen Drug Craze
Prescription drug abusers top 15 million- study

The Ritalin Generation Goes To College

Synthetic Drugs
Global scourge: synthetic drugs: Christian Science Monitor
Club Drugs and HIV: Possible New Strain Offers Wake-up Call