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Medical Cannabis

The lungs were not designed to cope with burning smoke with carcinogenic properties. In The Netherlands it is smoke able hash that has been sanctioned by the Dutch Government to be sold in 5gram amounts on prescription through pharmacies. 5gram amounts of smoke able hash are already available through the infamous coffee shops. This flies in the face of best medical practice. Such practices have been condemned by the United Nations. The Dutch government are bowing to drug legalization organizations. But in the Netherlands polls have shown that 75% of Dutch people are against such practices.

While it is acknowledged that many medicines have their base in plant life. The Cannabis plant is a drug with addictive and hallucinogenic properties that has proven to be very dangerous to vulnerable people. Sick people and non-smokers fall into that category. A British pharmaceutical company is testing certain cannabis cannabinoids for use in spray or pill form. The spray is available in the UK but is not a popular choice with physicians.

Will the next ludicrous step be to sell tobacco products through pharmacies?

Grainne Kenny
International President (EURAD)