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Drug Prevention Best Practices

Adolescent Treatment Programs Reduce Drug Abuse, Produce Other Improvements: NIDA
Alcohol and drug prevention programs for youth: What works? Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Canada 1999
Are your kids little addicts?
Building a Successful Prevention Program CSAP Center for Substance Abuse Prevention: SAMHSA
Drug Abuse Prevention: School-based Strategies That Work
Double Diagnosis:Treating mental illness is an important part of addressing drug and alcohol
Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation. A Practical Planning and Implementation Guide - United Nations Publication
Drug Free Workplace: SAMHSA
The Prevention of Drug Consumption
Educating the public about the dangers of meth
Family Matters! How Parents Can Help Children Remain Substance Free - CASA
Harm Reduction in Schools:  DFAF
How to Raise Healthy, Drug-Free Girls
Implementing Drug Screening Program Can Cut Costs
Keep talking: U.S. kids get anti-drug pitch
In search of the 'anti-drug': Christian Science Monitor
Lessons from Drug Research: NIDA
Lessons Learned in Drug Abuse Prevention: A Global View: United Nations (PDF)
Make sure children have home that's poison-proof
Miami: From Drug Capital to Good Example: Miami Herald
 Model Programs: Effect Drug Prevention and Mental Health Programs for Every Community
The Paramount Importance of International Cooperation in Drug Control
Parenting in a Time of Drug Abuse

Parents Can Sway Teens' Attitudes on Drugs

Parents: Do Your Homework as Teens Head Back-To-School - Town Times
Peer Leaders in Drug Abuse Prevention
Prevention Case Studies: What Campuses and Communities are Doing: USDE Higher Education Center
Preventing Drug Abuse Through the Community: Multicomponent Programs Make the Difference Mary Ann Pentz, Ph.D.
Preventing Drug Abuse Through the Schools: Intervention Programs That Work: Gilbert J. Botvin, Ph.D.
Prevention Programs: What Are the Critical Factors That Spell Success?  William B. Hansen, Ph.D.
Raising Responsible Children: Believe it Or Not, Chores May be Best Technique
Reconnecting Youth: An Indicated Prevention Program  Leona L. Eggert, Ph.D., R.N.
Relationships Matter: Impact of Parental, Peer Factors on Teen, Young Adult Substance Abuse
Science-Based Facts on Drug Abuse and Addiction: NIDA
Substance Abuse Prevention and Special Cultural Populations CSAP
Statistics Aside, Teens' Alcohol, Drug Use Is Alarming - Washington Post
Student Drug Testing Frequently Asked Questions
Talk To Your Children About The Dangers Of Illicit Drugs And Alcohol - Healthy Tips For Your Teens
Two Approaches to Drug Addiction in Prisons
What Components Contribute to Treatment: Effectivness - UN
What to Do if Your Kid is Using Drugs:
What to Do When a Colleague Has an Alcohol or Drug Addiction Problem - The Menninger Foundation
What Works Best Practices - NCADI (PPT)