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12 Cs of Prevention (Drug Free America/ DPNA) Adobe Acrobat

Accommodating Various Learning Styles with Your Prevention Messages: NCADI (PPT)

Core Values in Demand Reduction: DPNA (PowerPoint)

DEA Get it Straight Drug Prevention Book for Teens

Family-Focused Prevention of Substance Abuse: NCADI (PPT)
Let's Work Together
Against the Problems Caused by Drugs Inhanents
Marijuana Use and College Grades: NCADI (PPT)

National Institute on Drug Abuse Slide Packets for Teachers

NIDA Marijuana: Facts for Teens

NIDA Mind Over Matter Teacher's Guide

Online Videos from SAHMSA NCADI (watch them on your computer)

Participants in Drug Legalization Issues

Prevention of Drug Consumption

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Series In the Mix

Sarah's Quest :Helping Children Learn about the Effect of Drug on Their Brain and Body

Scientific Findings About the Role of Families in Drug Abuse Prevention- Bridging Science and Practice: NCADI (PPT)
Substance Abuse Prevention in Higher Education: NCADI (PPT)
"Student Drug Testing” presentation notes - INL International Taskforce on Strategic Drug Policy

Understanding the International Drug Legalization Strategy

United Nations Global Youth Network: Connekt Newsletter

US Justice Department" Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization

Videos from Stop

Western CAPT PowerPoint Prevention Training Modules

Western CAPT Prevention Program Planning and Best Practices

What Works Best Practices: NCADI (PPT)