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Recent Drug Research
Addictive Qualities of Popular Drugs - New York Times

Alcohol and drug prevention programs for youth: What works? - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Canada 1999

Anabolic Steroids Might Be Addictive Animal study suggests brain can grow dependent on performance-enhancing drugs
Animal Studies Show Sex Differences in Impact of Efforts To Reduce Drug Seeking
Assessing the Impact of Antidrug Advertising on Adolescent Drug Consumption: Results From a Behavioral Economic Model - American Journal of Public Health
Best Practice Guidelines Worldwide for Information Services Concerned with Safe Drinking -Victoria University of Wellington 1999
Bullying In Middle School May Lead To Increased Substance Abuse In High School

Cannabis link to mental illness strengthened - NewScientist.com News Service

Cannabis Link to Psychosis

Cannabis smoking 'more harmful' than tobacco - NewScientist.com News Service

Cannabis: A health perspective and research agenda - World Health Programme on Substance Abuse
 Cannabis and Psychosis and Psychotic Behavior among Youth
Cannabis, depression, & suicide research
Chaos Theory May Help Explain Patterns Of Alcohol Abuse, Studies Suggest: Science Daily
Child drug use 'aggression link'
Childhood Sex Abuse Increases Risk for Drug Dependence in Adult Women - NIDA
Cognitive Deficits Associated With Heavy Marijuana Use Appear To Be Reversible - NIDA
Comparing Cannabis and Tobacco:  Smoking Cannabis, Like Smoking Tobacco, Can Be a Major Public Health Hazard
Doctors link marijuana to mental illness
Drug Abuse Prevention Through Family Intervention
Drug and alcohol use among drivers admitted to a Level-1 trauma center
Drug Use Impairs Ability to Learn from Future Experiences - Scientific American
Early Marijuana Use Linked to Adult Dependence - SHAMSA
Ecstasy users get advice from friends and web… not parents - Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Ecstasy Linked to Long-Term Brain Damage - University of Adelaide
Ecstasy May Leave Brain More Prone To Infection
Epidemiology of Youth Drug Abuse
Escalation of Drug Use in Early-Onset Cannabis Users vs Co-twin Controls - JAMA
Evidence Links Cocaine Abuse and Parkinson’s Disease
Ex-Meth Abusers Show Some Reversal in Brain Damage - Reuters
Exposure of Hispanic Youth to Alcohol Advertising
Canada: Exposure Urged Of Link Between Sexual, Substance Abuse
Genetics Plays Role In Relapse Of Illicit Drug-seeking Behavior
The health effects of cannabis: key issues of policy relevance
Heavy Teen Marijuana Use Causes Brain Changes
Research: Heroin May Impair Stress Response
Heroin: Single injection promising for heroin addiction - Reuters
How Chemistry Has Enhanced Scientists' Ability To See Inside The Brain And Image Studies In Addiction
International Criticism of Swiss Heroin Trials
Is addiction a matter of choice? - ABC News
Lessons from Prevention Research - NIDA InfoFacts
Marijuana Abuse: Age of Initiation, Pleasure of Response Foreshadow Young Adult Outcomes- Rand Corporation
Marijuana More Dangerous Than Commonly Believed - SAMHSA  Marijuana Abuse: Age of Initiation, Pleasure of Response Foreshadow Young Adult Outcomes- Rand Corporation
Marijuana use in pregnancy damages kids' learning - New Scientist.com News Service
Marijuana's link to hard drug use not genetic: NewScientist.com Newservice
Marijuana use linked to early bladder cancer
Methamphetamine Abuse Linked to Impaired Cognitive and Motor Skills Despite Recovery of Dopamine Transporters: NIDA
Most Behaviors Preceding Major Causes Of Preventable Death Have Begun By Young Adulthood
National study ties teen transitions to alcohol and drug use, sexual behavior, driving habits, and mental health
Needle exchange programs don't work: 97% of Vancouver IDUs infected - AidsMap
The Next Step in Disseminating Proven Prevention Programs?
NIDA Research Reports Index
Prescription drug abusers top 15 million- study
Prescribing Heroin
Prevention Research: Deterring Drug Abuse Among Children and Adolescent
Rapid Assessment of Drug Consumption
Saliva useful in drug, disease testing
Rat Study Suggests That Cannabis Interferes With Sustained Attention
Random Pupil Drug Testing - Coalition Against Cannabis
Report: Non-Medical Marijuana II: Rite Of Passage Or Russian Roulette? - CASA
Researchers have shown that cannabis is not the harmless high the flower-power devotees supposed.
Research: Heroin May Impair Stress Response
Rimonabant: New pill helps with smoking and weight - AP
Riskly behavior: Many teens in search of quick thrills never realize the consequences
Shooting Up Triples Death Risk: New users of illegal injection drugs face hike in death risk early on, study finds - NIDA

Side effects rule out cannabis for pain and nausea - NewScientist.com News Service

Smoking, Drinking, Drugs: The Younger They Start, The Harder It Is To Quit: Science Daily
Studies link psychosis, teenage marijuana use. Some adolescents carry genetic risk
Study Probes Many Uses for Stimulants

Study Quantifies Cost-Benefit of Family Interventions Designed to Prevent Adolescent Alcohol Use

Substance abuse among secondary-school students and its relationship with social coping and temperament
Teenage Alcohol And Drug Use: At Best, Parents Know About It Only Half Of The Time
Triggering Myocardial Infarction by Marijuana
What are drug users looking for when they contact drug services: abstinence or harm reduction?
What you can learn from drunk monkeys - DISCOVER
Wife influences husband's marijuana use - study
Women and Drug Demand Reduction
Young People's Alcohol Drinking Influenced By How Much Advertising They View