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International Drug Trends
General Trends
5th  Global Anti-drug Conference Launches Counterrevolution
15 Percent Of US Employees Work Under Influence Of Alcohol
America's Drug Habit Funds Terrorism
 Bush Administration Drug Policy in the United States: A Record of Success
CAREER PROS: Ex-Addicts Can’t Kick Stigma - California Job Journal
Cocaine and ecstasy use rife in EU
Common Drugs of Abuse Database- NIDA
The Changing Face of European Drug Policy - DEA
Colombia: Legalizing of drugs backfires - Associated Press
Comparison of European laws on of possession of cannabis
Drug Availability Estimates in the United States - ONDCP
Drug Seizures in the United States - ONDCP
Drug Trafficking in the United States - A DEA Report
The Economic Costs of Drug Abuse in the US, 1992-1998 - ONDCP
Estimates of Drug Consumption in the United States - ONDCP
European Union: Drug problems growing but enlargement offers unique chance for concerted responses - EMCDDA 2003 Report
European Union: Rising concern in about ‘binge’ drinking and intensive drug use among the young and vulnerable - EMCDDA 2003 Report
 European Union: Some ‘cautious optimism’ but beware of complacency, warns agency - EMCDDA 2003 Report
Evidence of Drugs and Violence in Hawaii Schools
The Failure of Dutch Drug Policy
Fighting Corruption/Improving Transparency - White House Report
George Soros vs President Bush - Washington Post
Global Assessment Programme on Drug Abuse
Global Illicit Drug Trends Report - United Nations ODDCP
How could sympathy for drug legalization gain ground so quickly in Europe?
How many criminals are high at the time of the crime? - US Department of Justice
Illicit drugs: no route to prosperity and economic growth: - UN Report
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report: 2003 - US INL
Internet search engines found lacking on drug information - Globe Newspaper Company
In search of the 'anti-drug' - Christian Science Monitor
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report - INL
International Drug Statistics: Drug Watch International
International Drug Reports by Region -ONDCP
Many Teens Drink, Use Drugs and Drive; Parents Called Effective Deterrent
Model Drug Dealer Liability Act
More Pre-Teens Abusing Inhalants - SAMHSA
More than 70% of US Residents have Used Alcohol or Tobacco Once In Their Life:  Nearly One-Half Have Used an Illicit Drug - CESAR
Older Addicts Face Uncertain Twilight - Washington Post  
 Anti-Drug Strategy in the Hemisphere - Organization of American States
An Overview of the Successes of the War on Drugs During the Reagan Years
Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS): Teens 2003
Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS): Parents 2003
Pharming, New Teen Drug Craze
Potent Mexican Meth Floods In as States Curb Domestic Variety
Pregnancy and Drug Use Trends - NIDA
Psychotropic Drug Prescriptions For Teens Surge 250% Over 7 Year Period, USA
Statistics Aside, Teens' Alcohol, Drug Use Is Alarming - Washington Post
Report of the United Nations International Narcotics Control Board, 2002
Report Shows More People in Treatment Started Using Drugs at an Earlier Age
 A Report to Congress on United States Policy Towards Colombia and Other Related Issues - INL
Report: Non-Medical Marijuana II: Rite Of Passage Or Russian Roulette? - CASA
Results of the First Household Survey on Drug Use in Brazil
National Health/Safety Crisis from Drugs/Alcohol in U.S. Schools
National Household Study of Drug Abuse SAMHSA
A new choice in drug abuse: Teens turn to prescriptions
Steep Rise in Abuse of Legal Drugs
School Killings and Woundings
Study Probes Many Uses for Stimulants
Teen Survey - CASA 2003
Teens popping pills more than other drugs
Teen UK: A generation sitting on a mental health time bomb
Treatment Trends - NIDA
Trends in Girls' Use of Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Prescription Drugs
United Nations World Drug Report
US National Drug Control Strategy 2004- INL
US State Factsheets: US Drug Enforcement Administration
University of Michigan Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth
UN 2001 Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism: Progress Report in Drug Control - 2001: Implementation of Recommendations from the First Evaluation Round: Hemispheric Report 2001
UN ODCCP Studies on Drugs and Crime Global Illicit Drug Trends 2001
US General Drug Trends - NIDA 2002
US Government survey quantifies reveals the connection between substance abuse and personality disorders - August 2004
US Pulse Check: Trends in Drug Abuse 2004 - ONDCP Publication
The US National Drug Control Strategy - White House
US International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Country Programs
World Drug Trends:  UN sees major changes
World Health Organization Links to National Health Related Databases
World Health Organization Statistical Information System
World Situation with Regard to Drug Abuse, in Particular Among Children and Youth
Workplace Trends
Youth and Drugs a Global Overview - UN Report
Drug Demand Reduction
Declaration on the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction - United Nations General Assembly
Demand Reduction Trends:  In Search of the Anit-Drug - SAMHSA
Evolution of international drug control, 1945-1995
Principles to Guide Drug Demand Reduction Efforts - ONDCP
Study: Teen Anti-drug Ads Make Impact
UN Reports Decrease in World Drug Abuse - June 2004
Drug Legalization
Drug Legalization: A campaign hiding behind a mask
Drug policy in Switzerland 2005 - Koeppel Hans, M.D
Drug Policy Legalization, Harm Reduction
A guide to the drug legalization Movement - National Families in Action
Insurers spurning medicinal pot use - Washington Times
Legalising drugs would be a mistake
Legalization and Decriminalization of Drugs Have Been a Dismal Failure in Other Nations: DEA
Legalization or Zero Tolerance? The Cannabis Debate
Medical Marijuana a Ploy - Statesman Journal
On the Final Report of the "Programme for a Medical Prescription of Narcotics" in Switzerland
Understanding Drug Legalization Strategy
Why 'harm reduction' won't work: Vancouver's latest plan
Drug Prevention
Building a Successful Prevention Program CSAP Center for Substance Abuse Prevention - SAMHSA
Drug Abuse Prevention: School-based Strategies that Work
A guide to the drug prevention movement - National Families in Action
Gazette opinion: Keep talking: U.S. kids get anti-drug pitch
Lessons Learned in Drug Abuse Prevention: A global Preview, ODCCP Studies on Drug Abuse and Crime - United Nations Monograph
Risk and Protective Factors in Drug Abuse Prevention
Drugs, Drug Money, and Terrorism
Drugs and Terror - New York Times
Fighting Corruption: Improving Transparency - INL Fact Sheet
Mexico's Drug Violence
Overview of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act -  US White House
Terrorism's drug money: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld
Drug Testing
Implementing Drug Screening Program Can Cut Costs
Random Pupil Drug Testing -Coalition Against Cannabis
Reasons for Student Drug Testing - DFAF
UK school starts random drug testing
Harm Reduction
DPNA  Position on Harm Reduction
Harm Reduction in Practice - NAPD
The History of Harm Reduction
Liverpool, UK:  Tide of misery by seaside as big city drug gangs move in
Needle exchange programs don't work: 97% of Vancouver IDUs infected - AidsMap
Drug Production and the Environment
Environment is victim of addiction
The Other Drug War: (Drug Production and the Environment)
Binge Drinking and Unintended Pregnancies
Drug Legalization: A campaign hiding behind a mask
Drug Policy: A Tale of Two Countries
Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Studies
Snapshot of Annual High-Risk College Drinking Consequences
Top Ten Party Schools -Washington Times
World Health Organization Global Alcohol Database
Cannabis, the Truth - Mary Brett
Drug Trends -- Cannabis -  A Few Issues UN Global Youth Network
Estimate of Marijuana Availability in the United States
JAMA Research Shows Adult Marijuana Abuse and Dependence Increased During 1990s
Marijuana addictions in teens growing
Medical Marijuana Drug Clears Regulatory Hurdle
New Video Game: Where a Puff of Marijuana Is the Ultimate Power-Up
NIDA Intensifies Focus on Marijuana Abuse
Report: Non-Medical Marijuana II: Rite Of Passage Or Russian Roulette? - CASA
What's Down with Marijuana: SAMHSA: Prevention Alert, May 23, 2003 (Part 1)
What's Down with Marijuana? SAMHSA: Prevention Alert, May 30, 2003 (Part 2)
The name game: Cannabis vs. Cannabinoids
Cocaine Facts -ONDCP
Estimate of Cocaine Availability in the United States
UK Cocaine deaths reach 'staggering' levels - Independent.co.uk News
'Liquid Ecstasy' to be Banned as Date Rapes and Deaths Soar
No Raves for RAVE - UPS
Survey: Parents Underestimate Ecstasy Use
Survey: Teens See Little Risk in Ecstasy
Taking Ecstasy During Pregnancy May Cause Brain Damage,
Behavior Problems In Babies - Science Daily
Estimate of Heroin Availability in the United States
Heroin Hits Home - Indiana Gazette
Heroin is Surpassing Cocaine As Users' Choice
Crystal cartels alter face of U.S. meth epidemic
Dance of Death: Crystal Meth Fuels HIV
Estimate of Methamphetamine Availability in the United States
Meth and Steriod use decline sharply among US Youth
Methamphetamine Called No.1 Drug Threat, Deadly
Meth labs, a toxic threat to rural America - NBC News
Scourge of Methamphetamine Quickly Overtaking the Midwest - Denver Post
What is Methamphetamine and What is the Extent of It's Use in the U.S.?
Over the Counter Drugs
Dealing drugs over the counter
Global scourge: synthetic drugs: Christian Science Monitor

Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged:  Washington Post

Pharming, New Teen Drug Craze

Teen Abuse of Painkiller OxyContin on the Rise

Trading for a High: An inside look at a "pharming party,

Synthetic Drugs
Global scourge: synthetic drugs: Christian Science Monitor
Internet Trafficking in Narcotics Has Surged:  Washington Post
States Ask Hollywood to Show Less Smoking: Reuters
U.S. Signals Support for Tobacco Treaty
Youth Issues
Carribean Youth Development:  Issues and Policy Directions: A World Bank Country Study (PDF)
Gender and Ethnic Patterns in Drug Use Among High School Seniors: NIDA
High School and Youth Trends: NIDA
Huffing: A new low point for kids getting high
Pharming, New Teen Drug Craze
Survey: Teens See Little Risk in Ecstasy
Study: Teen Anti-drug Ads Make Impact
Teen Survey: CASA 2003
University of Michigan Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth
World Situation with Regard to Drug Abuse, in Particular Among Children and Youth
Youth and Drugs a Global Overview: UN Report