DPNA/RIPRED is a network of concerned citizens, organizations and professionals engaged in prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse.
Our statement of purpose is:

  • As concerned professionals, we have joined together to promote drug prevention activities that are directed at the use and abuse of all psychoactive substances. We recognize the essential cultural differences among our constituent nations, but affirm our basic and unchanging devotion to the health and well being of all peoples of the Americas.
  • We work to facilitate information sharing and professional exchange, to participate in joint projects and to engage all professionals in the Americas who are doing this vital work.

Partner Coalitions

These coalitions were formed as a direct result of DPNA events and efforts.

  • Drug Prevention Network of Canada: DPNC
  • Chile Previene las Drogas: CHIPRED
  • Academia Boliviana de Dependencias
  • Red de Universidades para la Prevencion de las Drogas (RUPRED)